Dallas Media Interviews David Coale on Supreme Court Nomination Process, and Recent Allegations against Texas AG Ken Paxton

LPHS partner David Coale talked to KLIF Morning Radio on the impact that the positive COVID-19 tests of three Republican senators could have on the hearings for the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. “The Constitution requires a majority of the Senate be present if it’s going to have a vote, and the Senate has never had rules about proxy voting. You have to actually be there to cast your ballot, and so if the three senators are in fact out of commission when it comes time to have a vote, there could be a problem getting the necessary majority.” 

On the same day, Mr. Coale addressed recent allegations against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton with KTVT CBS Dallas. “It’s difficult to run any office with this kind of internal turmoil, much less one that’s under this kind of political scrutiny.” 

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