David Coale Talks Impeachment, 25th and 14th Amendment to KLIF 570 News & Information

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Trump for a second time on Wednesday. LPHS appellate partner David Coale spoke to KLIF about the 25th and 14th Amendments, impeachment and the shift of some legislators in the Republican party to back the impeachment effort. “There is a political schism in the Republican party. There are old-line folks like Mitch McConnell that have a certain view of how the Republican party should operate. There is a new group that President Trump has led that is a lot brasher, a lot more critical, a lot more aggressive in its opposition to certain democratic policies, and the party is facing a moment of truth, which group are you going to align with. This particular impeachment really sets up that question.”  

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David Coale also appeared on WBAP News Talk Radio to discuss the matter.