KLIF News & Information in the Morning Interviews David Coale on NCAA Supreme Court Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against the NCAA in a unanimous decision that says the organization cannot prevent athletes from receiving benefits outside scholarships. LPHS appellate attorney David Coale explains what that means. “The court said two important things; it said guys you are running a business here. This is a big industry, it’s billions of dollars. You have workers, they are called athletes and you are not paying them anything, and you can’t do that. You don’t depress everyone’s wages to zero in a competitive industry in our economy. So, shape up and act like a business. Rule two is that principle applies to some fairly limited compensation right now, things like laptops and grad school scholarships. But it opens the door to much more lucrative things later on that may be the subject to future litigation.” 

Listen to David’s interview here.