Rebecca Adams Featured in Stanford Lawyer Magazine Cover Story: “From Service to Stanford” 

LPHS attorney Rebecca Adams recently spoke to Stanford Lawyer Magazine about how her military service and training shaped her experiences in law school and her legal career. Rebecca is a graduate of Stanford Law School, class of 2014. 

“In the gulf, fishing boats don’t get out of your way, helicopters are doing bounces off your flight deck, and it’s critical to be focused, to tune out the noise while maintaining situational awareness,” she says. 

“Military service demands concentration, discipline, and the ability to synthesize large amounts of information quickly,” says Adams. “All of these skills helped me tremendously in both law school and the practice of law.” 

“Because of what I learned in the Navy, I always remind myself to step back and look at the big picture strategy and determine where each puzzle piece fits. In the courtroom, when the other side is arguing or presenting evidence, that’s critical in coming up with an effective response on the fly.” 

You can read the entire article here.