Coale Talks “Uncharted Territory” of Trump Indictment

With the announcement that former President Donald Trump would be indicted on more than 30 counts of violating New York state law, David Coale spoke with a number of media outlets, including NBC 5, about the questions raised by the historic prosecution.

“For example, a typical person who has been indicted may be picked up by the police, or they might have to show up at the police station. Here, you have someone who’s under the protection of the Secret Service. And how do you manage that? We’ve never thought about that before. So just the very basic logistics of having Donald Trump appear in court for an arraignment raises questions that we’ve never confronted before.”

David also spoke with Fox4 News about the unprecedented nature of the charges.

“We’ve just never had this happen before to have a former chief executive of the country face criminal charges,” he said. “And not just that, but charges related to the campaign by which he sought the presidency.”